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Eco-Friendly Loft Conversions

Eco Friendly Lofts

Loft Conversion is not just a way of creating additional living or storage space, it is also a way of reducing energy bills and your carbon footprint. Eco friendly lofts are more affordable than you may think and immediately start to pay for themselves by saving you money on your bills.

Eco friendly lofts begin with the basics; double glazing to hold the heat in and provide natural light in the daytime; low energy lighting to reduce the amount of electricity you consume and prevent the room getting too hot when the lights are on, and; insulation, to keep the loft warm and help to hold in the heat in the rest of your house.

Beyond this there are a range of newer eco-friendly options to consider. Underfloor heating covers the whole room evenly and removes the need for radiators, giving you greater freedom in planning and designing your loft. It can also help to reduce your energy bills by up to 50%.

Loft Insulation

Solar panels can provide up to 70% of your hot water requirements, and the latest technology and design mean that panels give the impression of darkened windows, blending perfectly with the rest of your roof.

Advanced insulation options such as 'Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery' and 'Vacuum Insulation Panels' can provide up to 10 times higher insulation performance compared to conventional insulations, as well as reducing humidity, eliminating unwanted condensation and balancing air movement to reduce heat loss. The end result is improved air quality, warmer and drier rooms, and reductions in your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

For more information on Eco Friendly Lofts and what Eco Friendly solutions may be suitable for you, give us a call.


AD Loft - Loft Consultation

AD Loft - Loft Consultation